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Zhengzhou Xinfeng Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is a high-tech company with the design,research,produce,installation and the after-sale service of the products such as the oil sludge disposal system equipment,oil sludge and sand separation and purification equipment,the pry method for aging oil dehydration device and drilling mud handling equipment.
  Located in the Machinery Equipment Industrial Park in Shangjie district in Zhengzhou,Xinfeng company have established strategic partnership with several petroleum universities and oilfield enterprises.For many years,we’ve succeeded in the R&D of four generations of the oil sludge disposal equipment and have a lot of experiences.We provide long term technical instructions and obtained customers 'consistent high


Our company to undertake various types of environmental pollution control project, the main business areas include: waste oil processing equipment, aging oil treatment equipment, oil pollution waste treatment integrated solutions, urban sludge, industrial sludge treatment, water purification comprehensive solution Program and so on.

Oily sludge harmless treatment station

using the international advanced hot extraction separation method, the maximum to reach the oil, water, mud completely separated...


Using spiral discharge sedimentation technology, after treatment of sediment oil content, water content decreased significantly...

Oil-water separator

In order to obtain the desired separation effect, the separation process is usually separated by a combination of house chemistry...

Sewage Treatment Equipment

Equipment using a new type of filter, long life, the entire equipment are used anti-riot device, safe and reliable...

Solid Waste Disposal

Separated from the waste recycling in proportion to join the cement, curing agent by the brick machine to replace the red brick brick...

Oil Sludge Preparation Technology Of

The use of sludge regeneration agent on the waste vulcanized rubber for renewable products for deceleration zone, parking locator, etc...

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